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Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET

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Innovation and Learning Practices

As part of the BILT project, UNESCO-UNEVOC and BIBB are calling for submissions of innovative initiatives that address current challenges related to global trends in TVET systems in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe. Selected initiatives will be published as examples of best practice.

What constitutes an Innovation and Learning Practice? Within the context of the BILT project, an innovation and learning practice is a new approach that makes TVET more relevant to the needs of the economy, society and the environment. For an initiative to be considered as an Innovation and Learning Practice, it must

  • belong to one of the BILT work streams: Digitalization in TVET, Greening TVET, Entrepreneurship in TVET, Migration and TVET, or New Qualifications and Competencies in TVET
  • constitute a learning opportunity for other TVET stakeholders, with possibility to adapt and replicate key elements of the approach in their specific context
  • be successfully implemented at the local level
If your initiative fulfills these submission criteria, please provide further details by filling in the submission form and send it to unevoc.bilt @ unesco.org.

Download submission form

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