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1 December 2022
Atlas of emerging trends in new qualifications and competencies in TVET
The new BILT Atlas helps TVET stakeholders reflect upon the challenges & opportunities facing TVET systems. The Atlas addresses new qualifications and competencies, specifically greening and digitalization affecting the future of work and society.

24 October 2022
Hybrid BILT conference 'Going green and digital: TVET for hospitality and tourism', 7-9 November 2022 Nairobi, Kenya and online
While African countries find themselves at different levels in implementing sustainable and digital economic development, there are considerable opportunities for a green and digital transition of TVET systems on the African continent. This conference was the first on-site Bridging Event of the BILT project in Africa. Its purpose was to provide a platform to discuss trends in green and digital qualifications and competencies, with a focus on the hospitality and tourism sector.

4 October 2022
Learning Lab featuring H2Skills - Planning for the future: Training development for the hydrogen economy based on local market needs, 12 October 2022, 10:00 – 11:30 CEST
Building a competent hydrogen economy workforce is an important step in supporting the growth of green jobs as society transitions to a low carbon future. The H2Skills project aims to meet industrial needs by filling the skills gap and developing trainings in this field. Such models can serve for further adaptation in similar contexts around the world.

23 August 2022
BILT webinar 'Ready to respond: TVET and refugees', 6 September 2022, 09:30 – 11:00 CEST
This webinar explored effective ways of fostering refugees’ labour market inclusion by providing them with access to tailored professional training. It featured experts from United Nations agencies, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations who shared their experience and best practices in the field.

23 June 2022
The yearly BILT Advisory Committee meeting takes place at Omnia in Espoo, Finland
The Advisory Committee members expressed their commitment to support and guide the project team in implementing the BILT Agenda 2025. Going forward, a recommendation of the Committee was to keep in focus all four BILT themes: digitalization, greening, entrepreneurship, and international migration. Other recommendations included building stronger connections with TVET networks in the BILT regions, such as the ASEAN TVET Council, and developing synergies with other agencies working on the dual transition of greening and digitalization, such as Cedefop, ETF, and the African Union Development Agency. Additionally, the Committee proposed inviting more business representatives, from start-ups to big corporations, to international BILT events as they are key players in the formulation of the need for future skills.

21-23 June 2022
BILT conference on 'Mapping current trends in TVET for sustainable and digital transformation'
This hybrid BILT Bridging event from 21-23 June 2022 offered a platform to discuss emerging trends in new qualifications and competencies in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Deep-dive discussions addressed sectors that are particularly affected by the green and digital transformation.
10 June 2022
The Self-Reflection Tool
Across the world, TVET providers are looking for solutions to meet the rapidly changing conditions in the world of work. The BILT project's Self-Reflection Tool (SRT) aims to empower them in this process.
The SRT is based on findings published in UNESCO-UNEVOC's 'New qualifications and competencies for future-oriented TVET systems' (2021), especially the third volume addressing the needs of TVET institutions.
10 May 2022
Learning Lab: MilleaLab – the all-in-one virtual reality platform for educators and learners
More than 200 participants from around the world joined this event to discover how MilleaLab trains and certifies teachers and supports educators in Indonesia in becoming ambassadors for VR-based learning. The cloud-based platform provides users with hundreds of templates and 3D models to create customized virtual learning content without requiring coding skills.
6 May 2022
Video release: Adaptation and integration of ASEAN in-company trainer standard
Realizing the importance of quality in-company training, Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI), a public workforce development organization, integrated the ASEAN in-company trainer standard into Thailand’s national qualification system. Get inspired and learn from TPQI's experience.
24 March 2022
Learning Lab: Gearbox Makerspace and product development
More than 80 participants from around the globe learned firsthand about how this innovative Makerspace training centre project is fostering entrepreneurial culture by sharing prototyping facilities and offering training in manufacturing, fabrication and design.

21 March 2022
Find your match with BILT’s Peer-Learning Wheel
The BILT project is pleased to introduce the Peer-Learning Wheel, an online tool that supports peer learning among TVET institutions. Its purpose is to open opportunities for collaboration to improve the identification, integration or implementation of new qualifications and competencies in TVET.

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