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BILT Workshop on Digitalization/Industry 4.0

2-3 October 2019, OsloMet, Norway

UNESCO-UNEVOC and Oslo Metropolitan University organize the first BILT work stream workshop on Digitalization/Industry 4.0

The 2-day workshop organized in the framework of the BILT Project and hosted by Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, took stock of the current challenges in the thematic area of Digitalization and Industry 4.0 in TVET. Experts from nine European countries (Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Austria, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Estonia and Norway) presented and analyzed innovative practices related to "Engaging SMEs in the VET cycle" and "Teacher training” aiming to ensure that VET remains relevant and up-to-date on digital skills.

Beyond the digital skills themselves, the participants drew special attention to the need of establishing a better collaboration and building trust between the private sector and training institutions. Namely, improving partnerships was the key element of success in the cases presented in the workshop. Both stakeholders are closely connected and dependent on each other: on the demand side, the private sector informs TVET institutions of the latest developments in terms of skills needs; on the supply side, TVET institutions prepare professionals with relevant skills through modernized training and provide insights for those lagging behind on digitalization in the private sector.

For more information on the event, please consult the workshop agenda.

page date 2019-10-14

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