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At this hybrid event, participants from Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe discussed trends in new qualifications and competencies (NQCs), specifically to respond to green and digital skills needs. Particular focus was put on the European region, with an in-person networking day dedicated to participants from the region. Emerging trends in Africa and Asia-Pacific were also presented. The aim was to provide direction for future research and learning opportunities according to the BILT Agenda 2025: which sectors are particularly affected by transformation towards sustainability and digitalization? Which competencies and qualifications will lose or gain importance? And how are TVET systems and stakeholders responding?


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Participants joining on site (by invitation) engaged in matchmaking sessions for peer learning about the processes of identifying new digital and green skills and integrating and implementing them into new qualifications, curricula and teaching and learning processes.

A special session on the Omnia Skills Centre for Migrants (OSKE) was organized. Participants were able to explore this innovative approach to the integration of migrants and discuss responses to the current migration-related challenges faced by European TVET providers.

The BILT Bridging Event provided an opportunity to discuss the new Self-Reflection Tool tool with the pilot institutions. The Self-Reflection Tool was one of a range of TVET products and practices presented at a virtual showroom. The BILT Advisory Committee held its annual meeting for 2022.

This BILT bridging event is hosted by the UNEVOC Centre

Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region

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