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Innovative and Promising Practices in TVET

UNESCO-UNEVOC acts as a clearinghouse for innovative and promising practices in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Each practice shows how TVET can be designed and delivered to address contextual challenges, presents the enabling conditions for success and provides a snapshot of the positive impact on communities. You can search by keyword, region or theme.

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Leading organizational transitions during COVID-19 and beyond

A potential barrier to any post-COVID-19 recovery for TVET staff is the lengthy duration of the pandemic, throughout which they experience significant insecurity, both physical and psychological.

This initiative by Niagara College enables TVET leaders to reflect on both personal and institutional change styles and how to integrate change management theory and models into their daily practice. Throughout the process, they are encouraged to consider change in terms of resilience and progress in partnership with their main learning objectives.

The programme is divided into five modules and firmly places the importance of knowledge of oneself as a leader at the centre of the organizational change process. The modules emphasize the role of TVET leaders as experts in guiding inclusive and intentional transition within their teams.

Institution: Niagara College
Focus: COVID-19 response , Teachers and trainers

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