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Welcome to the first issue of the new email version of the UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin. We hope you like the new layout and easy accessibility of information online. (more)

The UNEVOC Network

Bullet point New UNEVOC Centres
> Germany
Joint UNEVOC Centre: InWEnt - Capacity Building International, Otto-von-Guericke-University and Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation (IFF) (February 2009) (more)
> Australia
Australian Maritime College Australia (March 2009) (more)
> Jordan
National Training of Trainers Institute (May 2009) (more)

Bullet point New UNEVOC Network Directory
The latest print version of the UNEVOC Network Directory was published in January 2009. The Directory provides information about UNEVOC Network Centres and aims to facilitate networking and collaboration. (more)

Bullet point UNEVOC Network Meetings
> UNEVOC sub-regional seminar / workshop in Luangprabang, Lao PDR
With a twin focus on building the capacity of vocational leaders and the UNEVOC Network and on training vocational teacher educators, this seminar brought together participants from UNEVOC Centres and departments of TVET and in China, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. (more)

Bullet point UNEVOC Centre Award
It is with great pleasure that UNEVOC has been receiving confirmations of the receipt of the UNEVOC CENTRE AWARD by UNEVOC Network Members worldwide. (more)
> Centre d'études collégiales Baie-des-Chaleurs receives UNEVOC Centre Award
The Centre d'études collégiales Baie-des-Chaleurs (Centre of College Studies Baie des Chaleurs), the UNEVOC Centre in Carleton in the Canadian province of Québec, announced the receipt of the UNEVOC Centre Award. (more)

> UNEVOC Centre in Madagascar receives Award
The National Institute for Professional Training in TVE (INFor) is one of two UNEVOC Centres in Madagascar. It is affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research of Madagascar but operates independently on both the financial and the administrative level. (more)


Bullet point General Developments
In 2009, the number of members in the e-Forum has increased to more than 1,100, coming from all parts of the world. In the first six months, more than 600 messages were disseminated. In the entire year 2008 there were 864 messages.

Bullet point Recent Discussions (January-June 2009)
Starting with this Bulletin issue we intend to report on selected discussions in the e-Forum. For those who are not a member of the e-Forum: You can access the e-Forum via www.unevoc.unesco.org/forum. Note that you need to log in to be able to read messages.
> Checklist for starting and running TVET from scratch
This message string focused on an outline of what to look out for when establishing a new TVET programme in a remote area with limited infrastructure. (more)
> Quality Based TVET, Use of Indicators
Discussion on benchmarking and indicators to measure the quality of TVET institutions and programmes. Various different quality indicators at the institution/programme level were introduced. The issue of tracing employment / self-employment rates of graduates as a quality indicator of TVET programmes was also raised and discussed. (more)
> Literature on guidance and counseling in TVET institutions
Links to various resources about vocational/career guidance and counseling. (more)
> Training needs analysis
Links to information about how to assess training needs of companies and identify the skills required for a job. (more)
> Strategies for promoting entrepreneurship in schools
Exchange on various views about entrepreneurship education in TVET, the development and fostering of entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurial thinking. (more)
> Certification Programmes
Discussion about testing and certification of competencies and skills learnt outside the formal TVET system. Includes experiences. (more)
> Youth Empowerment in Developing Countries
Discussion on the role of TVET in socially and economically empowering youth, e.g. through improving chances of obtaining employment and increasing the level of earning. Includes experiences and links to resources. (more)
> Women participate in TVET
Resources on women in TVET (more)

TVETipedia and TVET Blog

Bullet point TVETipedia launched
UNESCO-UNEVOC has launched TVETipedia, a new internet portal for collaboration on TVET projects and the exchange of TVET knowledge, innovations, good practice and lessons learned. TVET experts from around the world, including UNEVOC's more than 1,100 e-Forum members, staff members of UNEVOC Network institutions, and all others who are interested in TVET and education for the world of work be it as practitioners, researchers, or policy-makers can add and edit content on this new platform. (more)

Bullet point UNESCO-UNEVOC launches TVET Blog
Together with the new knowledge sharing platform TVETipedia (http://www.tvetipedia.org), UNESCO-UNEVOC launched the "TVET Blog", a new blog on issues that are of interest for all those who are engaged in education for the world of work. Please let us know if you would like to contribute a blog entry. (more)

TVET for Sustainable Development

Bullet point UNESCO World Conference on ESD in Bonn
The UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development - Moving into the Second Half of the UN Decade took place in Bonn, Germany, on 31 March to 2 April 2009. It brought together around 900 participants - including 48 ministers or deputy ministers - and 250 visitors from around the world. (more)

Bullet point TVET workshop at UNESCO World Conference on ESD
UNESCO-UNEVOC organized a four-hour workshop on "Developing Skills and Labour Force Competencies including TVET in Support of Sustainable Development" as part of the World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in Bonn, Germany, on 31 March to 2 April 2009. (more)


Bullet point 3rd African UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Summit at eLearning Africa 2009
The 3rd African UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Summit on "Access and Inclusion: Improving TVET through ICT-based Information and Learning Solutions" was a special event within the Pan-African annual eLearning Africa conference. (more)

Bullet point Seminar on ICT applications in TVET in CIS countries
On 12-13 May 2009, UNESCO-UNEVOC, UNESCO IITE and the Belarusian Republican Institute for Vocational Education (RIVE) co-organized a training seminar on "ICT applications in technical and vocational education and training" in Minsk, Belarus Republic. (more)


Bullet point Farewell reception for Rupert Maclean, Director of UNESCO-UNEVOC
On 19 March 2009, UNESCO-UNEVOC hosted a farewell reception for Rupert Maclean who retired from his position after eight years as Director of UNESCO-UNEVOC. (more)

Bullet point Tamagawa University delegation visits UNESCO-UNEVOC
A delegation of 14 undergraduate students majoring in educational sciences at Tamagawa University and their professor Dr. Makoto Kobayashi visited UNESCO-UNEVOC on 17 February 2009. (more)

Forthcoming Events

> 2009 World Conference on Higher Education
Paris, France, 05-07 to 08-07-2009 (more)
> Conference / Seminar on Reform and Development of TVET and Strategies for Developing TVET Teacher Education with Reference to Mozambique
Maputo, Mozambique, 15-07 to 17-07-2009 (more)
> 40th WorldSkills Competition
Calgary, Canada, 01 to 07-09-2009 (more)
> DECOWE Conference: Development of Competencies in the World of Work and Education
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 24-09 to 26-09-2009 (more)

For more events, please visit the UNEVOC website at www.unevoc.unesco.org/events
You are missing an event? Please contribute events in the area of TVET.

New Publications

> JUST PUBLISHED!! International Handbook of Education for the Changing World of Work
Read more about it in the next issue of the UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin or on the UNEVOC website.

>Handbook of Technical and Vocational Education and Training Research (more)
>Rethinking Work and Learning: Adult and Vocational Education for Social Sustainability (more)
>Work, Learning and Sustainable Development (more)
>Technology and Vocational Education for Sustainable Development (more)
>VET and the Labour Market - A Comparative Analysis of China and Germany (more)
>Ubiquitous ICT for Sustainable Education and Cultural Literacy (more)
>Report: Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS education in TVET (more)