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Welcome to the first issue of UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin in 2010. The year started out strong for UNESCO-UNEVOC. (more)

The UNEVOC Network

Bullet point New UNEVOC Centre

> Institute of Technical Education Singapore
Singapore is the latest country to join the UNEVOC Network of specialized TVET institutions through its Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in February 2010. (more)

Bullet point UNEVOC Network Meetings

> Increasing National and Regional Effectiveness of UNEVOC Centres for Capacity Building
The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre and the Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), Ministry of Education, Thailand, cooperated in the organization of this sub-regional seminar on increasing the effectiveness of UNEVOC Centres nationally, regionally and internationally. (more)


Bullet point UNEVOC and InWEnt Renew Memorandum of Understanding
InWEnt - Capacity Building International and the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre will continue their highly successful partnership during the biennium 2010-2011. (more)

UNEVOC e-Forum

The UNESCO-UNEVOC e-Forum is an e-mail list, a virtual community of TVET experts from around the world who share information and knowledge about different aspects of TVET.

Bullet point General Developments

Current Membership: 1,335
Messages: From October 2009 to early April 2010, more than 750 messages have been distributed via the e-Forum.
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Bullet point Recent Discussions (October 2009-March 2010)

For those who are not a member of the e-Forum: You can access the messages via http://www.unevoc.unesco.org/forum

> Competency development framework
Discussion and information on occupational and competency standards and the DACUM process. (more)

> Needs Analysis
Information and resources about training needs analyses. (more)

> TVET Organizing Framework
Discussion and information about a TVET organizing framework as well as about career counseling and guidance. (more)

> Affective elements in work-based learning
Discussion on the role of personal, behavioural and attitudinal competencies in work-based learning. (more)

> Budget for TVET too low
Discussion about the low TVET budgets in many countries and suggestions for financial sustainability of TVET institutions, particularly school enterprises. (more)

> The value of TVET qualifications online
Discussion about e-learning/ICT-mediated learning in TVET. (more)

> Women Empowerment...through TVET?
A discussion about women´s empowerment in the context of TVET (and in the world of work). (more)

TVET Systems Development

Bullet point Review of the TVET System in Malawi
The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre contributed to a Capacity Building for Education for All (CapEFA) activity led by the UNESCO Office in Harare, Zimbabwe, to strengthen TVET in Malawi. (more)

Bullet point Workshop on Revitalizing TVET Provision
Given a growing movement to revitalize TVET in West Africa, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and UNESCO-BREDA held a joint workshop on TVET revitalisation and TVET harmonisation in Abuja, Nigeria, on 17-20 August 2009. (more)

Bullet point International Experts Meeting on Education and Training for the Changing World of Work
The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, in partnership with the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO and supported by Zhenjiang Technology Institute of Economy (ZJTIE, a UNEVOC Centre) and the UNESCO Office in Hanoi, organized the 2009 International Experts Meeting on Education and Training for the Changing World of Work in Hangzhou, China on 7-9 December 2009. (more)

Bullet point TVET Financing and Competency-based Approaches
In order to promote collaboration with French-speaking countries, UNESCO-UNEVOC participated in two workshops organized jointly by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) and the Agence tunisienne de coopération technique (ATCT), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training of the Republic of Tunisia. (more)

Bullet point Harnessing Qualifications Frameworks Towards Quality Assurance in TVET in Asia
The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, the Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) and InWEnt - Capacity Building International jointly conducted an international conference on %quot;Harnessing Qualifications Frameworks Towards Quality Assurance in TVET" in Manila, Philippines, on 30 November to 2 December 2009. (more)

TVET Teacher Education

Bullet point Developing Capacity of TVET Teacher Educators
The Sub-regional Workshop "Developing Capacity of TVET Teacher Educators" was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 19-21 November 2009 and was organized by UNESCO-UNEVOC, InWEnt Capacity Building International and UNESCO Hanoi. (more)


Bullet point TVET Teacher Education for Sustainable Development
The Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar on TVET Teacher Education for Sustainable Development was organized by RMIT University (a UNEVOC Centre in Australia) in partnership with the Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education on behalf of the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre. (more)

Bullet point Training Materials for Herders in Mongolia
In 2008-2009, UNEVOC continued its collaboration with the Mongolian UNEVOC Centre in support of a project to develop training materials and a training plan for young herders in Mongolia. (more)

Bullet point Developing Innovative Approaches to Education for Sustainable Development: Curriculum Reform in TVET China
The research project entitled Developing Innovative Approaches to Education for Sustainable Development: Curriculum Reform in TVET China facilitated curriculum reform in the TVET sector in China through the development of contextually-based, innovative approaches towards teaching and learning of issues relevant for sustainable development. (more)

Adult Education

Bullet point Sixth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI)
InWEnt - Capacity Building International, UNESCO-UNEVOC and the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) jointly organized a workshop on Financial and Economic Crisis - Labour Market Impacts, Vulnerabilities and Policy Responses: Challenges for Adult Education, Skills Development and Lifelong Learning in a Changing World of Work at the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education. (more)

New Publications

> Final Report: Corporate Human Resource Development and Skills Development for Employment: Scope and Strategies


Bullet point Visitors

> Muriel Dunbar visits UNEVOC regarding the Interagency Database of Good Practice in TVET

> Steering Group of Swedish UNEVOC Centre CFL visits UNESCO-UNEVOC

New Positions at UNESCO-UNEVOC

Bullet point UNESCO Vacancy Announcement: Head of UNEVOC

Bullet point UNESCO Vacancy Announcement: Programme Specialist (TVET)

Contribute an Article to the UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin

We invite all members of the UNEVOC Networks and others involved in technical and vocational education and training to submit articles about their activities or about TVET developments for publication in the UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin. (more)

Upcoming Events

> German-Arab Education and Vocational Training Forum
Berlin, Germany, 20-04 to 21-04-2010 (more)

> European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning Conference on "The Social Dimension of Education and Training in Europe"
Barcelona, Spain, 14-04-2010 (more)

> 8th All Africa IVETA conference on Skills for the Future: Working with Industry, Assessment and Teaching and Learning
Swakopmund, Namibia, 18-04 to 21-04-2010 (more)

> 7th International Congress of the Quality Management in the Systems of Education and Training: CIMQUSEF 2010
Casablanca, Morocco, 20-04 to 22-04-2010 (more)

> 1st International Conference on Technology-enhanced Learning, Reforming Education and quality of teaching
Athens, Greece, 19-05 to 21-05-2010 (more)

> eLearning Africa
Lusaka, Zambia, 26-05 to 28-05-2010 (more)

> Technological Learning & Thinking: Culture, Design, Sustainability, Human Ingenuity
Vancouver, British Columbia, 17-06 to 21-06-2010 (more)

> IX International Symposium on Curriculum Issues: "Debating Curriculum and its Fields - Policies, Fundamentals and Practices"
Porto, Portugal, 21-06 to 23-06-2010 (more)

For more events, please visit the UNEVOC website at www.unevoc.unesco.org/events
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