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Right before the summer holiday month of August, we are sending you the 18th issue of the UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin. Several important activities have been organized by UNEVOC over the last few months. (more)

The UNEVOC Network

Bullet point News from UNEVOC Network Members

> Representatives of UNEVOC Centre in Norway visit UNESCO-UNEVOC
On 07 May 2010, representatives of Akershus University College, Lillestrøm, Norway (one of two UNEVOC Centres in Norway) visited UNESCO-UNEVOC to confer with the Officer in Charge about reviving Norwegian activities within the UNEVOC Network with particular focus on how the Norwegian experience can benefit other UNEVOC Network members. (more)

Bullet point UNEVOC Network Meetings

> Innovating TVET, Revitalizing the UNEVOC Network and Enhancing Collaboration and Cooperation in TVET Development through UNEVOC Regional Nodal Centres: UNEVOC Sub-regional Meeting, Lilongwe, Malawi, 13 -15 July 2010
Malawi hosted this UNVEVOC Sub-regional Meeting. Targeted at selected UNEVOC Centres in Southern and Eastern Africa, it was jointly organized and funded by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre and Capacity Building International - InWEnt, Germany. (more)

Bullet point UNESCO Kingston assists in strengthening and updating information on UNEVOC Centres in the Caribbean
In an effort to revitalize the UNEVOC Network in the Caribbean, the UNESCO Office in Kingston is taking steps to assist in reviewing existing UNEVOC Centres and establishing new ones. (more)

UNEVOC e-Forum

Bullet point General Developments
The e-Forum currently has about 1,400 registered subscribers from 155 Countries. In the first half of 2010, almost 900 messages have been distributed via the e-Forum - almost as much as in the entire year 2009. More than 25% of these messages have been posted by the top 5 contributors: Mustafa Wahba (Canada), Chris Chinien (Canada), Damian Boyle (Canada), Anita Sharma (India), and Helga Foster (Germany). In total, 270 e-Forum members have been active contributors so far this year. We would like to thank all of you very much for the fruitful debates and discussions!

Bullet point New UNEVOC e-Forum Online Interface
UNESCO-UNEVOC has launched a new online interface for the e-Forum, its virtual community of around 1400 TVET experts from around the world. (more)

Bullet point Recent Discussions (April-July 2010)
For those who are not a member of the e-Forum: You can access the messages via http://www.unevoc.unesco.org/forum. Note that you need to log in to be able to read messages.
> Soft skills
Discussion about which soft skills and essential skills / key competencies would be useful to teach in a "Center of Competence" (COC) in a vocational education institution. (more)

> How donors are measuring the impact of TVET projects that they manage?
Here, one e-Forum member stated "that indicators for measuring TVET project performance and impact are weak in the international development business" and asked: How can donors measure the performance and impact of the TVET projects they are funding? (more)

> Technical secondary schools (TSS)
Discussion about technical/vocational high school graduates aiming to enter higher education rather than the labour market. While this often has to do with social views of technical versus academic education, some posts took the stand that the ones who are accepted into technical high schools are not always in need of technical qualification to immediately join the job market after graduation. An interesting example provided is Paraguay, where technical high schools seem to enjoy a high status and are apparently a great success. (more)

> Occupational Analysis and Standards - - Frameworks vs Tools
Discussion and links to resources regarding the development of occupational standards. (more)

> Why we need to set National Vocational Qualifications & TVET in each Developing Country?
Discussion about the importance of national, competency-based qualification frameworks, TVET versus skills development and standardized examinations leading to certification to ascertain accountability in skills development. (more)

> Innovation in TVET
Information and resources about different aspects of innovation in TVET. (more)

> Competency-based TVET Curriculum
Discussion about curriculum change and competency-based training (CBT), including what changes are required to put CBT in practice and an example of a country that has adopted a CBT system (Malawi). (more)

> Trends in vocational agricultural training
Information about reforming vocational agricultural training. (more)

> factors that influence international student outcomes in private TVET institutions
Discussion about factors that promote high achievement of students and that influence the quality of TVET. Provides link to National Council on Technical Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET) in Jamaica as example of quality assurance body for TVET and workforce development. (more)

> Measurement of quality in TVET
In-depth discussion and information about what quality TVET is and how it can be measured, including a country example of Sri Lanka, where the traditional TVET system was replaced through an ADB-funded project that established a system based on a National Vocational Qualifications Framework (NVQ). (more)


TVETipedia is an internet portal where users can exchange information and share knowledge on issues that are relevant in the field of TVET. Since its launch in March 2009, more than 1,000 users have signed up to the portal. Several have started to contribute articles, some of which are summarised below. All readers of the UNEVOC Bulletin are invited to contribute to TVETipedia. If you have questions or comments, please contact info@tvetipedia.org.

Bullet point TVET in Mali
These articles, in English and French, were both authored by Francis Mosettig and provide an overview of TVET in Mali. This is the first time that an article in a language other than English was created on TVETipedia! We are hoping that more TVET experts will contribute articles in French as the second main language used on TVETipedia.
in French
in English

Bullet point Competency Based Standards
This article was originally contributed by Eng. Moustafa Wahba and provides an overview of the origins of competency-based standards. read this article on TVETipedia

Bullet point National Vocational Qualifications
Moustafa Wahba contributed this article, which describes two ways of assessing levels of occupational standards. It also briefly introduces national qualification frameworks and describes how the various assessment tools come together to lead to certification and licensing. read this article on TVETipedia

Bullet point Qualifications Framework
This article describes qualifications frameworks, including national and regional qualifications frameworks, and provides information about the National Qualification Framework (NQF) in the UK (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) as an example. read this article on TVETipedia

Bullet point Information on TVET in the following countries has recently been added to TVETipedia
Republic of Korea
Republic of Macedonia

Entrepreneuship Education

Bullet point Entrepreneurship Education in the Arab States
Four case studies on Egypt, Jordan, Oman, and Tunisia, as well as a Regional Synthesis Report have been prepared as part of Component One of entrepreneurship education (EPE) project (2009-2010). (more)


Bullet point 5th Global YES Summit: Rework the World
UNESCO-UNEVOC was invited to present its work in the area of youth development and TVET at the 5th Global YES Summit "Rework the World", which took place in Leksand, Sweden, on 2-5 June 2010. (more)


Bullet point 4th African UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Summit
The 4th African UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Summit: "Flexible Learning: from TVET policy to skills training practice" took place on 26 May 2010 at the 5th eLearning Africa conference in Lusaka, Zambia. (more)

UNEVOC Assistance to CapEFA Implementation

The staff of the UNESCO-UNEVOC International centre continued to provide assistance to some UNESCO Cluster Offices in Africa in connection with the implementation of the Cap EFA. (more)

UNEVOC Website

Bullet point The UNEVOC website is now available in French and Spanish!

New Publications

> UNESCO-UNEVOC Report on Activities 2008-2009

> Rediscovering Apprenticeship: Research Findings of the International Network on Innovative Apprenticeship (INAP)
UNEVOC Book Series Volume 11 (more)

> International Comparisons of China's TVET System
UNEVOC Book Series Volume 12


Bullet point Visitors

> Delegation from Azerbaijan visits UNESCO-UNEVOC

> TVET Experts from Sudan visit UNESCO-UNEVOC

> Namibian Youth Representatives visit UNESCO-UNEVOC

Call for Documents

UNESCO-UNEVOC is constantly looking for relevant documents, papers and reports on TVET from around the world including legal documents, policy papers, curricula, and learning materials that TVET policy makers and practitioners are willing to share with their peers.
We invite all Bulletin recipients to send us such documents. The range of topics is broad and may cover all relevant areas of TVET, whether they deal with an already well established area or brings up new aspects and questions.
If you have any questions or want to submit a document, please do not hesitate to contact us at bulletin(at)unevoc.unesco.org

Contribute to the UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin

We invite all members of the UNEVOC Networks and others involved in technical and vocational education and training to submit articles about their activities or about TVET developments for publication in the UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin. (more)

Upcoming TVET Events Worldwide

> Green TVET and Education for Sustainable Development: Capacity Development Needs for Water Education
International Expert's Workshop, Munich, Germany, 13-17 September 2010 (more)

> International Policy Exchange: SDC and NORRAG
International Policy Reforms on Skills Development, Dhaka,Bangladesh 20-23 September 2010 (more)

> International Conference
"Crossing Boundaries: The multiple roles of trainers and teachers in vocational education and training" Kostelec near Prague, Czech Republic, 14-15 October 2010 (more)

> International Conference
14th UNESCO-APEID International Conference on "Education for Human Resource Development" Bangkok, Thailand, 21-23 October 2010 (more)

> Colloque international
3e Colloque international du RAIFFET - Éducation technologique, Formation professionnelle et Égalité des Chances (more)

For more events, please visit the UNEVOC website at www.unevoc.unesco.org/events
You are missing an event? Please contribute events in the area of TVET.