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L'UNESCO-UNEVOC Online Library est un centre de ressources pour les experts de l'EFTP, donnant accès à un large éventail de publications de l'EFTP et des ressources en ligne, dont la plupart sont librement accessibles en ligne ou à télécharger.

recently added:

A synthesis of best practices in TVET quality assurance in selected South Asian countries
2018, English, 88 pages

Films about VET in Germany
2017, English

VET Trends 2018
2017, English, 60 pages

Quality assurance of company-based training in the dual system in Germany
2017, English, 98 pages

German training regulations and how they come about
2017, English, 38 pages

VET in Germany
2017, English

Viet Nam Vocational Education and Training Report 2015
2017, English

Developing appropriate workforce skills for Australia’s emerging digital economy: working paper
2017, English, 51 pages

Exploring a Work-Based Values Approach in South African TVET Colleges to Improve Employability of Youth
2017, English, 26 pages

UNESCO and Education
2017, English, 16 pages

Southern Africa Regional Forum on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
2017, English, 37 pages

De Shanghai à Tangshan
2017, Français, 5 pages

From Shanghai to Tangshan
2017, English, 5 pages

Teacher support and motivation framework for Africa
2017, English, 83 pages

Global inventory of regional and national qualifications frameworks 2017
2017, English, 128 pages

Blended beyond borders: A scan of blended learning obstacles and opportunities in Brazil, Malaysia, & South Africa
2017, English, 162 pages

Global Education Monitoring Report - 2017/2018
2017, English, 505 pages

I am employAble. Creating access to technical and vocational education for young people with disabilities
2017, English, 100 pages

Berufsbildungsbegriffe Deutsch-Englisch (VET terminology in German and English)
2017, Deutsch, 43 pages

Towards Quality Assurance of Technical and Vocational Education and Training
2017, English, 246 pages

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