Just Published: New TVET Country Profiles

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new batch of 13 Country Profiles on the UNESCO-UNEVOC World Technical and Vocational Education and Training Database.

The Country Profiles provide concise, reliable and up-to-date information on countries’ technical and vocational education and training systems around the world, which includes:

1. Key statistics;

2. TVET systems;

3. Key strategy and policy documents;

4. TVET teachers and trainers;

5. Qualification systems and quality assurance;

6. Current reforms and policy discussions.

These profiles are aimed at assisting TVET officials, experts and stakeholders, as well as researchers and students to develop a better understanding of different TVET systems and trends in TVET around the world.

In addition to these recently published profiles, we will soon be launching the profiles for the following countries:

Philippines Singapore
Malaysia Indonesia
Nigeria Germany
Kuwait Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates Lithuania

The Country Profiles are the result of a collaboration between UNESCO-UNEVOC and the TVET stakeholders in each country, particularly the UNEVOC Network Members.


In the development of the country profiles for eleven South East Asian countries, UNESCO-UNEVOC and the South East Asian Ministers of Education Organization’s (SEAMEO) Regional Centre for Vocational and Technical Education and Training (SEAMEO-VOCTECH) are working in close collaboration. Together with UNESCO-UNEVOC, SEAMEO-VOCTECH has recently published more detailed country profiles on its newly launched TVET Platform for South East Asia for each of its member countries.

Abridged versions of these profiles, adjusted to the UNESCO-UNEVOC format to enable worldwide comparison, can be found on the UNESCO-UNEVOC World TVET Database.

Contributing to the World TVET Database

Should you wish to support the development and update of your country's profile, or share your feedback, please contact us at unevoc.tvetprofiles@unesco.org or Zubair Shahid at z.shahid@unesco.org.

page date 2018-12-14

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