Just published: Virtual conference report on the UNESCO TVET strategy 2016-2021

"UNESCO TVET strategy 2016-2021"

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The virtual conference report on “UNESCO TVET Strategy 2016-2021” is now online.

The virtual conference took place from 28 September to 03 October on UNESCO-UNEVOC’s e-Forum and brought together 165 participants from 57 countries. The virtual conference provided stakeholders an opportunity to inform UNESCO’s strategy for technical and vocational education and training (TVET) for the period 2016 to 2021. The questions addressed at the conference included:

1) What should be the guiding principles of the new UNESCO strategy for TVET?

2) What are the emerging issues and trends in TVET to which the strategy should respond?

3) What are the most important elements that should be contained in the strategy?

4) What should the role of UNESCO be in delivering the strategy?

The virtual conference was moderated by Mike Campbell, an expert in the fields of skills, labour markets and the economy, focusing on research, policy analysis and strategic thinking.

The report explores the important principles, issues, actions and roles that should be taken into account when setting out the global agenda for TVET over the coming years and highlights the challenges and opportunities facing TVET in different countries. Despite these differences, the report stresses the need for international collaboration and dialogue in order to overcome the obstacles that may lie ahead, and specifically calls on UNESCO to act as a key facilitator for collaboration. The report ends with a six-point Agenda for TVET.

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page date 2017-01-11

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