UNEVOC Network in Action: Collaborative Capacity Development in the Asia & Pacific

Supported by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre and the Ministry of Education – Government of Thailand, and organized by KRIVET and Office of the Vocational Education Commission(OVEC); a capacity development workshop was held in Bangkok from 27-30 November 2017. The main aim of this workshop was developing the capacities of the UNEVOC and EAS Networks in Greening TVET initiatives.

More than 150 participants from 18 countries in Asia and the Pacific, including representatives of 14 UNEVOC Centres in the region, attended the recently concluded 4th East Asia Summit TVET Provider's Network Conference. In conjunction with this conference, a UNEVOC Network Capacity Development Workshop titled ‘Enhancing TVET Capacity for Youth Employment, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development through Developing Active TVET Agents in Asia’ was also organized under the leadership of OVEC and KRIVET. UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, under its UNEVOC Network Capacity Development Programme, and the Ministry of Education – Government of Thailand supported this workshop.

The inaugural session of the Conference was attended by Dr. Sophon Napathorn - Vice Minister of Education, Thailand, Dr. Yong-Soon Lee - President of KRIVET, H.E. Mr. Noh Kwang-il - Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Kingdom of Thailand, and Dr. Shyamal Majumdar - Head of UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre. The topics covered in the conference included SDGs and UNESCO’s TVET Strategy, Development of TVET Model and Action Imperatives for Asia Pacific Countries, TVET Qualification and Regional Cooperation, and Rationale for Greening TVET for National Development. These discussions, especially on integrating Greening TVET in national development frameworks, also provided a good basis for detailed discussions in the UNEVOC Capacity Development Workshop.

Dr. Shyamal Majumdar, Head of UNESCO-UNEVOC delivering key note on SDGs and UNESCO's TVET strategy at the Workshop

As part of the UNEVOC Network Capacity Development Workshop, 40 experts were trained to sensitize UNEVOC and EAS networks on greening TVET. This included strands pertaining to the employment potential of green transitions, identifying specific technical areas for enhancing green skills, technical training focused on renewable energy sector, and monitoring and evaluation of institutional greening strategy. During this workshop, institutional representatives and change-agents from the UNEVOC Network exchanged views on fostering greening TVET and skills in their respective contexts. Some of the key projects and initiatives discussed at the workshop included:

  • Identification and development of specific technical skills in the context of green-economy transition in Iran. This also included initiatives that place women at the core of institutionalizing a culture of culture of environmental consciousness and awareness;
  • Hands-on training of Teacher Trainers in sustainable farming methods, that included applied skills in land management, pest and weed management, nutrient management and fostering organic farming in India;
  • Waste management and energy conservation in Myanmar schools;
  • A model for developing generic green modules and professional development of teachers to enrich their content and pedagogy for delivering programmes with green skills component, in Hong Kong, China.

The workshop culminated with the participants reaffirming their resolve to for continuing collaborative engagements and developed action plans for new projects. The participants and the discussants extoled the importance of effective greening TVET policy as a tool to address issues related to youth employment, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

UNEVOC Network Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting

As part of the workshop, a meeting with the representatives of the UNEVOC Network in Asia and the Pacific was also organized on the 29 November 2017. Representatives from the 14 participating UNEVOC Centres in the region, discussed the expansion of the Network’s cooperation in the region in the topic of greening TVET and shed light on the current and potential greening initiatives.

All present UNEVOC Centres have shared their desires to devote a greater attention to UNEVOC Network and strengthen their engagement. The UNEVOC Centres agreed upon strengthening their joint work in the future especially regarding this topic.

Participating UNEVOC Centres

UNEVOC Centres Participating Country
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia
Ministry of Labour and Human Resources Bhutan
Shenzen Polytechnic China
Education University of Hong Kong China
Ministry of Education, National Heritage, Culture & Arts Fiji
Instructor Training Centre & Technical and Vocational Researches (ITC) Iran
department, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection – Mongolia Mongolia
Ministry of Education Myanmar
Iloilo Science and Technology University Philippines
Korean Council for University College Education Republic of Korea
KRIVET Republic of Korea
National University of Samoa Samoa
Office of the Vocational Education Commission(OVEC) Thailand

page date 2017-12-11

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