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Values for Learning and Working Together in a Globalised World
UNESCO-APNIEVE Sourcebook No. 3 for Trainers, Teachers and Students in the Area of Technical and Vocational Education and Training -
An Integrated Approach to Incorporating Values Education in Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Edited by Lourdes R. Quisumbing and Joy de Leo
ISBN 7-107-19537-9

Human dignity and dignity of labour - health and harmony with nature - truth and wisdom - love and compassion - creativity - peace and justice - sustainable development - national unity and global solidarity - global spirituality

These are eight core values that are crucial for the development of the whole person. Integrated into TVET, these values can prepare workers and citizens with the knowledge, values, attitudes, behaviours and skills they need to be able to participate fully in their economy and work effectively and responsibly in a globalised world.

This Sourcebook is comprised of modules related to each of the eight core values. It follows the steps of a holistic teaching/learning cycle and contains lesson plans that can be adapted by TVET educators to be integrated into their own training packages, lessons and resource materials.

This publication is available in English (click here to download) and Chinese (see below).


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