Re-orienting TVET Policy Towards ESD

International Experts Meeting, Berlin, 26-28 August 2009

"Quality TVET has a very important role in achieving education for sustainable development"

The International Experts Meeting on β€œRe-orienting TVET Policy Towards Education for Sustainable Development (ESD): A Building Block for Education for All (EFA)”, took place in Berlin, Germany, on 26-28 August 2009. It was organized jointly by the Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education (CPSC),Capacity Building International (InWEnt) and UNESCO-UNEVOC.

Building on the results of the March 2009 Bonn ESD World Conference, this international TVET experts meeting aimed to function as a catalyst for the integration of sustainable development focused objectives, themes, strategies and operating procedures into TVET policies, programmes and practices.

The discussions at the meeting, which involved senior level government officials, TVET policy makers, and education officers from the Asia-Pacific Region (namely Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Maldives, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Fiji Islands and Mongolia), focused on the following ESD concerns:

  • Creative methods to expand awareness, meaning and scope of ESD through multi-stakeholder dialogue;
  • Strategies for inclusion of non-formal and informal learning in the context of sustainable development;
  • Means for incorporating ESD in TVET (including the training of leaders in business and industry to form values towards corporate social responsibility); and
  • Ways to create greater synergy and networking among representatives of SD-related institutions of governance and learning.
The outcomes of this special programme were:

  • An increased understanding of the importance of TVET for ESD in line with the goals of EFA;
  • A set of lessons from leading practices in ESD;
  • Plans for further advancing TVET for ESD; and
  • Study visits of relevant institutions and industries in Germany.
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