UNEVOC Network Meetings in Asia/Pacific

UNEVOC Sub-regional Seminar: Increasing National and Regional Effectiveness of UNEVOC Centres for Capacity Building and Innovation of TVET, Suratthani, Thailand, 24-26 November 2009

“Public-Private Partnership: An Emerging Strategy in Technical Vocational Education for Sustainable Development in the Midst of Global Crisis”, 21-22 May 2009, Iloilo City, Philippines

UNEVOC sub-regional seminar / workshop in Luangprabang, Lao PDR, 7-9 April 2009

Building Capacity of TVET Network Managers Chonburi, Thailand, 3-5 April 2007

Sub-regional Seminar: Enhancing the National Effectiveness, Role and Profile of UNEVOC Centres, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 8-10 May, 2006

Sub-regional Induction / Refresher Training and Mapping the UNEVOC Network, Bangkok, Thailand, 8-9 August 2005

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