Omnia Finland joins the UNEVOC Network

In September 2013, Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region in Finland joined the UNEVOC Network. Omnia is a multi-sector joint authority of education and offers vocational training at 11 locations around Espoo area. With nearly 10 000 students and 700 staff, Omnia is one of FinlandĀ“s largest vocational institutes. Its mission is to offer high quality technical and vocational education and training (TVET) leading to a lifelong learning path, develop TVET on a national level and offer innovative professional development for TVET staff. Omnia also coordinates InnoOmnia, a TVET teacher training provider offering over 1300 training days a year, and has been actively engaged in promoting entrepreneurship in the region.

In their application, Omnia highlighted that being a Member of UNEVOC Network provides them the opportunity to share their work and collaborate with TVET institutions across the Network towards achieving an innovative future for TVET.

Finland is one of the countries where TVET is highly regarded with over 50 % of school graduates choosing the TVET upper secondary level rather than the general education path.

page date 2013-09-18

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