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Initiatives to Foster Chinese TVET and TVET Teacher Training
2011, English, 132 pages

Linking Vocational Training with the Enterprises
2009, English, 96 pages

VET and the Labour Market - A Comparative Analysis of China and Germany
2008, English, 48 pages

Approaches to Action Learning in Technical and Vocational Education and Training
2007, English, 60 pages

Education for Livelihoods and Civic Participation in Post-Conflict Countries
2007, English, 37 pages

职业技术教育培训 (TVET) 中的 行动导向教学法导论
2007, 中文, 62 pages

Orienter l'enseignement et la formation techniques et professionnels vers le développement durable
2006, Français, 48 pages

Orienting Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Development
2006, English, 48 pages

Research for TVET Policy Development
2006, English, 26 pages

The 6Es plus Education makes Seven: Why is Education Central to the Youth Employment Summit (YES) Campaign?
2006, English, 14 pages

The Bologna Declaration and Emerging Models of TVET Teacher Training in Germany
2006, English, 38 pages

The Development of a National System of Vocational Qualifications
2006, English, 29 pages

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