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Guidelines for the Quality Assurance of TVET Qualifications in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Language:  English
Author/s:  UNESCO Bangkok
Abstract:  Following a recommendation made at the third International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education and Training, held in Shanghai in 2012, to explore the possibility of developing quality assurance guidelines for the recognition of qualifications based on learning outcomes and to facilitate the international comparison and recognition of technical and vocational education and training (TVET ) qualifications, UNESCO Bangkok took the initiative to work with Member States in the Asia-Pacific region to develop Guidelines for the Quality Assurance of TVET Qualifications in the Asia-Pacific region.

The formulation of these guidelines was based on findings from 13 country studies on the same topic and was carried out through a participatory process involving consultation with Member States, so as to best respond to their diverse contexts and needs.

The overall aim of these guidelines is to propose principles and indicators that can assist Member States in optimizing their quality assurance mechanisms for qualifications achieved through TVET. They provide a framework for documenting, developing, monitoring, evaluating and improving the currency and comparability of certificates, diplomas or degrees in TVET.
Publisher/s:  UNESCO Bangkok
Published:  in Bangkok, Thailand
Pub. Type:  Report
Pub. Format:  PDF
ISBN:  978-92-9223-580-2
ISBN online:  978-92-9223-579-6
Categories:  UNESCO Publication
Tags:  policy asia

page date 2014-06-04

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