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UNESCO-UNEVOC Regional Forum Arab States: Advancing TVET for Youth Employability and Sustainable Development

Promising Practices in TVET and Entrepreneurship Education in the Arab States. 19–21 November 2013, Beirut, Lebanon

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Meeting report of the Arab States Regional Expert Meeting
Language:  English
Abstract:  UNESCO-UNEVOC and UNESCO Regional Bureau, Beirut, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Lebanon (General Directorate for Vocational and Technical Education, GDVTE, and Center for Educational Research and Development, CERD), organized a three-day Regional Expert Meeting (Beirut, 19–21 November 2013) as a platform for networking and dialogue involving regional UNEVOC centres, TVET institutions, and other relevant stakeholders.

It was the last of five regional follow-ups to the Shanghai Consensus on developing and sharing policy and Promising Practices on youth and skills and greening TVET.

Attended by 35 TVET experts representing UNEVOC Centres, international, regional and national organizations, the three-day meeting provided participants the opportunity to share their experiences by highlighting success stories on the introduction of entrepreneurship education (EPE) and ICT in TVET in particular.
Publisher/s:  UNESCO-UNEVOC
Published:  2013 in Bonn, Germany
Pub. Type:  Report
Pub. Format:  PDF
ISBN online:  978-92-95071-64-3
Categories:  UNESCO Publication
Entrepreneurship Education
Sustainable Development
Countries:  Lebanon
Series:  UNEVOC Meeting Reports
Tags:  yem unesco jordan lebanon libya tunisia
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