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Attractiveness of vocational education and training

Permeability, successful school-to-work transitions and international mobility

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Just published: Attractiveness of vocational education and training
Language:  English
Abstract:  This bibliography, jointly published by UNESCO-UNEVOC and the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), covers the topics of international mobility, transfer and transitions in TVET, and their role in increasing its attractiveness.

It features the range of currently available literature such as articles, books, government reports, UN agency documents, donor community documents, research theses, and other sources published in the last five years. All information included in these reviews was obtained through an extensive search of online journals, conferences, databases and archives.

Published in the context of two events, namely the 2014 BIBB Congress on “Structuring Vocational Education and Training in a More Attractive Way – Facilitating Greater Permeability” held in Berlin (18-19 September 2014) and the UNESCO-UNEVOC Global Forum on “Skills for Work and Life Post-2015” in Bonn (14-16 October 2014), this annotated bibliography aims to showcase worldwide developments in TVET.
Publisher/s:  Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung UNESCO-UNEVOC
Published:  2014 in Bonn, Germany
Pub. Type:  Other
Pub. Format:  Print; PDF
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Keywords:  school-to-bibliography; work transition; mobility; transferability; attractiveness
Tags:  C467
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