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UNESCO-UNEVOC virtual conference: Revising the 2001 Revised Recommendation concerning Technical and Vocational Education

Report of the UNESCO-UNEVOC special virtual conference, 1-14 April 2014

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Special Virtual Conference: Revising the 2001 Revised Recommendation concerning Technical and Vocational Education
Language:  English
Author/s:  Simon McGrath
Abstract:  As part of a rigorous process involving a number of high level consultations with UNESCO Member States, UNESCO-UNEVOC and the UNESCO TVET Section jointly organized a Special Virtual Conference on the UNEVOC e-Forum. Held from 1 to 14 April 2014 and moderated by Professor Simon McGrath, Director of Research and Professor of International Education and Development at the University of Nottingham, the special virtual conference sought to consult diverse stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of TVET systems, policies and programmes.

The report provides a summary of the discussion and outlines the key themes that were raised, including labour-market relevance, teaching and learning, assessment and qualifications, governance, finance, staffing, quality assurance and international cooperation. The report features a set of recommendations concerning the scope, objectives and themes of the recommendation concerning TVE.
Publisher/s:  UNESCO-UNEVOC
Published:  2014 in Bonn, Germany
Pub. Type:  Report
Pub. Format:  PDF
ISBN online:  978-92-95071-74-2
Categories:  UNESCO Publication
Information, Communication and Networking
Systems and Policies
Series:  UNEVOC Other
Keywords:  standard setting; normative instruments; guidelines
Tags:  vc unevoc
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page date 2014-06-04

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