Regional synthesis report of Component II: Entrepreneurship education in the Arab States

The UNEVOC-UNESCO International Centre in cooperation with the Regional Bureau for Education-Beirut published the regional synthesis report on Component II of the regional project on entrepreneurship education in the Arab States (2009-2012). With support from the StratREAL foundation, the project aimed at supporting Arab countries in the development of educational policies and programmes to include the concept of entrepreneurship in their formal education systems.

The regional synthesis report on Component II of the initiative highlights the results and outcomes of the project in the four participating countries, namely Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Oman. The regional experiences reflect a growing importance to target youth competencies in a wider range, covering life skills, personal development, business development, and social entrepreneurial skills development. The report concludes that the four-year project contributed to an increased awareness on the importance of entrepreneurship education in the region as a means for knowledge and skills development related to business, industry, and self-employment through the education system and facilitated regional and national cooperation.

Alongside the development of the regional synthesis report, a final evaluation was carried out to assess the outcome and impact of the activities implemented and captured the experiences and lessons learned throughout the project. The evaluation identifies effective methods to realize the integration of entrepreneurship education, with particular reference to concrete recommendations for follow-up action.

The project has demonstrated the importance of a holistic approach to the development of a strong and innovative workforce in the Arab States.

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