Developing and Improving TVET Systems

The development of an effective TVET system is at the heart of education reform efforts. The chosen system establishes a framework which influences such important matters as access to, and the quality of, TVET. As part of Education for All (EFA), UNESCO-UNEVOC and its networks help UNESCO Member States develop TVET systems that best suit their particular needs and requirements.


Our activities

UNEVOC Book Series 12: International Comparisons of China's TVET System, 2010

International Experts Meeting on Education and Training for the Changing World of Work Hangzhou, China, 7-9 December 2009

International conference: Harnessing Qualifications Frameworks Towards Quality Assurance in TVET in Asia, Manila, Philippines, 30 November - 2 December 2009

Workshops: TVET financing and competency-based approaches, Tunis, Tunisia, November 2009

National seminar: Review of the TVET System in Malawi, Lilongwe, Malawi, 2-3 November 2009

Linking Vocational Training with the Enterprises - Asian Perspectives, November 2009

Workshop on Revitalizing TVET Provision in ECOWAS Countries, Abuja, Nigeria, 17-20 August 2009

Reform and Development of TVET, UNEVOC sub-regional conference-cum-seminar, Maputo, Mozambique, 15 -17 July 2009

Study Tour by a Delegation of the Atlanta Technical College, UNEVOC Secretariat, UN Campus, Bonn, Germany, 18 September 2008

Qualification Frameworks and Competency-based Approaches in TVET - Mobile Training Team of West African UNEVOC Centres in Mauritius, Mauritius, 17-21 June 2007

South East European TVET leaders meet in Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia, 4-6 June 2007

Fourth International Congress on Quality Management in Systems of Education and Training (CIMQUSEF 2007), Casablanca, Morocco, 17-19 April 2007

National Conference on Rethinking Education, Majuro, Marshall Islands, 28 February-2 March 2007

Study Tour on Public Private Partnership on the Arab States, 10-14 December 2006

Roundtable on TVET in Iraq, Bonn, Germany, 6 December 2006

15th IVETA International Conference, Moscow, Russia, 21-24 August 2006

Re-alignment of TVET in Iraq with Employment Requirements, Cairo, Egypt, 17-19 July 2006

Promoting Social Partnership in Central Asia, 2005/2006

G8-BMENA Initiative to improve relevance of TVET to the labour market, Amman, Jordan, 28-29 September 2005

Cooperative Responses to TVET Reform in the Arab States, Amman, Jordan, 25–27 August 2005


The following major UNESCO conferences (the "Seoul Congress" and "Seoul+5") were standard-setting with regards to TVET:

UNESCO International Experts Meeting Learning for Work, Citizenship and Sustainability, Bonn, October 2004

Second International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education, Seoul, South Korea, 1999


Revised Recommendation concerning Technical and Vocational Education (UNESCO, 2002)
English | French | Spanish | Arabic | Chinese (PDF, 250KB) | Russian

Convention on Technical and Vocational Education (UNESCO, 1989)
English | French | Spanish | Arabic | Chinese | Russian (PDF, 100KB)

Improving the Quality of Education and Training through the UNEVOC Networks, presentation at First China International TVE Summit Forum, Shenzhen, 19 May 2006

IIEP Newsletter Vol. XXII, No. 3, July – September 2004 on Exploring Vocational Education Reform

Technical and Vocational Skills Development: a DFID practice paper, April 2007 (PDF 357 KB)

Education and Training out of Poverty? A Status Report, NORRAG News, No. 37, May 2006

Technical and Vocational Skills Development, NORRAG News, No. 38, January 2007 PDF (356 KB)

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