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The TVETipedia glossary is a collection of terms that are commonly used in the area of Technical and Vocational Education and Training. This glossary provides definitions and background information from various trustworthy sources.Terms in bold have the greatest amount of TVETipedia resources. Symbols signify  related articles and
 TVeT Forum discussions.

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Cadetship Capacity building Capacity development
Career Career counselling Career development
Career education Career guidance Career management skills
Career path Career profiling Certificate
Certification Certification of learning outcomes Class-based training
Co-operative vocational education College Communities of practice
Community education Community of trust Community-based training
Comparability of qualifications Compensatory learning Competence assurance
Competence assurance management system Competence/y Competency development framework
Competency element Competency module Competency standard
Competency transfer Competency unit Competency-based assessment
Competency-based education Competency-based qualification Competency-based training
Competent Completion Compliance audit
Comprehensive (qualifications) framework Compulsory education Computer-assisted instruction
Computer-based training Continuing education Continuing learning
Continuing professional development Continuing vocational education and training Contract of training
Cooperative learning Copenhagen process Core competencies
Core curriculum Corporate education Correctional education
Course Creative industries Credential
Credential evaluation Credentialisation Credentialism
Credit Credit accumulation Credit accumulation and transfer
Credit transfer Credit transfer system Cross cultural training
Curriculum Curriculum exemplar

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