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The TVETipedia glossary is a collection of terms that are commonly used in the area of Technical and Vocational Education and Training. This glossary provides definitions and background information from various trustworthy sources.Terms in bold have the greatest amount of TVETipedia resources. Symbols signify  related articles and
 TVeT Forum discussions.

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E-learning E-learning Plateform Early leaver from education and training
Education Education dropout Education for all
Education for sustainable development Education provider Education-industry relationship
Education-work relationship Educational institution Educational technology
Educator Elements of competency Embedded learning and teaching
Emerging occupation Emerging skills Employability
Employability skills Employed Employee
Employer Employer learning Employer-funded training
Employer-sponsored learning Employment Employment and skills council
Employment rate Enabling course Enacted curriculum
Enrol Enrolment Enterprise
Entrepreneurial skills Entrepreneurship education/training Entry qualification
Entry-level skill Entry-level training Equal employment opportunity
Equal opportunity Equity Equivalence of certificates
Equivalency Equivalency test Essential or foundation skills
Europass European credit system for vocational education and training European credit transfer and accumulation system
European network for quality assurance in vocational education and training European qualifications framework for lifelong learning European quality assurance in vocational education and training
Evaluation Evaluation of education and training Evidence
Evidence criteria Evidence guide Exit profile
Experiential learning

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