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The TVETipedia glossary is a collection of terms that are commonly used in the area of Technical and Vocational Education and Training. This glossary provides definitions and background information from various trustworthy sources.Terms in bold have the greatest amount of TVETipedia resources. Symbols signify  related articles and
 TVeT Forum discussions.

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Teacher Technical and further education Technical and vocational education
Technical and vocational education and training Technical and vocational skills Technical and vocational skills development
Technology-based education Technology-Enabled Learning Technology-enhanced education
Tertiary education Tight (qualifications) framework Tracked (qualifications) system
Trade Trade course Traditional apprenticeship
Traditional instruction Trainee/Developee Traineeship
Trainer Training Training agreement
Training allowance Training and development roadmap Training capacity
Training contract Training course planning and design Training culture
Training evaluation Training institution Training investment
Training levy Training lifecycle/matrix Training market
Training modality Training needs analysis Training network
Training of trainers Training organisation Training package
Training plan Training policy Training programme
Training provider Training reform agenda Training regulation
Training standards Training voucher Training/education path/pathway
Transfer Transferability Transferable skill
Transformative TVET Transition from school or training to work Transition programme
Transition rate Transitional education plan Transparency of qualifications
Transversal skills Tutoring TVET college
TVET institution TVET provider

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