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Higher education

Parent term: Education

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Education that normally takes place in public universities and registered private higher education institutions which offer qualifications that meet the requirements of the Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework (HEQSF - The sub-framework of the NQF for Higher Education used in South Africa).
Source: SAQA 2013, South Africa
The stage of formal education following the secondary education covering the programs on: a) all courses of study leading to bachelor’s degree, and b) all degree courses of study beyond bachelor’s degree level.
Source: TESDA 2010, Philippines
Post-secondary education offered by a university or other recognized higher education institution, or through Open Learning, leading to the award of a degree or higher level qualification. (Definition also used by Queensland government)
Source: Wahba 2013, Global
Tertiary education that is of a higher academic level than secondary education, usually requiring a minimum level of admission and successful completion of secondary education.
Source: Ministry of Labour 2005, Jordan
Education at ISCED level 5 or above
Source: EU commission (NRDC) 2011, Europe

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Term: Higher education
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