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General education

Parent term: Education

3 definitions

Education and training that takes place in primary and secondary schools, as well as in adult education and training centres.
Source: SAQA 2013, South Africa
Education that is designed to develop learners’ general knowledge, skills and competencies and literacy and numeracy skills, often to prepare students for more advanced educational programmes at the same or higher ISCED levels and to lay the foundation for lifelong learning. General educational programmes are typically school- or college-based. General education includes educational programmes that are designed to prepare students for entry into vocational education, but that do not prepare for employment in a particular occupation or trade or class of occupations or trades, nor lead directly to a labour market relevant qualification.
Source: UNESCO UIS 2011, Global
1. Common areas which all pupils should know and experience.

2. Education which aims to equip people with a broad range of knowledge and skills, usually to enable them to meet their responsibilities as citizens and to enable them to function in their society.
Source: Ministry of Labour 2005, Jordan

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Term: General education
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