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Parent term: Employment

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All those who, during the reference period are 15 years old and over as of their last birthday and are reported either: a. at work - those who do any work even for one hour during the reference period for pay or work without pay on the farm or business enterprise operated by a member of the same or related by blood, marriage or adoption; or b. with a job but not at work – those who have a job or business but are not at work be it temporary or temporary illness/injury, vacation or other reasons. Likewise, persons who expect to return or to start operation of a farm or business enterprise within two weeks from the date of the enumerator’s visit, are considered employed.
Source: TESDA 2010, Philippines
A person who works in a job or business or on a farm, either as an employee, employer, own account worker, or contributing family worker. (Definition also used by Queensland government)
Source: Wahba 2013, Global
The employed comprise all persons of working age who during a specified brief period, such as one week or one day, were in the following categories: a) paid employment (whether at work or with a job but not at work); or b) self-employment (whether at work or with an enterprise but not at work).
Source: ILO (Stat) 2016, Global

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