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Greening TVET

Parent term: Technical and vocational education and training

3 definitions

Greening TVET is an essential and cross-cutting theme for sustainable development. It refers to the efforts to reorient and reinforce existing TVET institutions and policies in order to reinforce achievement of sustainable development. Thus, greening TVET acknowledges the relationship between sustainable development and green development and clarifies different definitions of green jobs and green skills as well.

{From the same author, read also about the "5 pillars" of Greening TVET: green campus, green curriculum, green community, green research and green culture (See p.12).}
Source: Majumdar 2010, Global
GTVET comprises economic, ecological and social aspects and thus contributes to sustainable development. It is a cross-cutting issue that plays a role in any occupational sector: in industry, handicraft, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, services and administration. GTVET contributes to the transition to green economies and green societies by providing green competencies in a holistic approach including formal, non-formal and informal learning environments.
(extracted from "International Framework for Action: Greening TVET" (Draft), UNESCO-UNEVOC 2014.)

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Term: Greening TVET
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