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Initial vocational education and training (IVET)

Parent term: Vocational education and training

3 definitions

( See also: Entry level training; also: Initial training)
1.General or vocational education carried out in the initial education system, usually before entering working life.
2.Pre-employment training for an occupation, generally divided into two parts; basic training followed by specialization.
Source: UNEVOC/NCVER 2009, Global
That vocational education and training which is undertaken before or upon first entering an occupation or job.
Source: Ministry of Labour 2005, Jordan
(Initial vocational training) A work-based training process or activity for apprentices/trainees. It leads to a formal qualification. The activities are often financed (partly or wholly) by the enterprise, but this is not a mandatory condition. Apprentices/trainees often have a special training contract
Source: EU commission (NRDC) 2011, Europe

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Term: Initial vocational education and training
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