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The position of being an intern (student or a TVET Institution’s graduate undergoing supervised practical training) or the period during which a person is an intern.
Source: Wahba 2013, Global
Internships are shorter than apprenticeships. Durations for internships usually vary between four weeks and six months, while apprenticeships usually vary between one and four years, depending on the trade. Internships cover a limited set of skills relevant for an occupation. Apprenticeships, by contrast, aim to impart all skills needed to master a trade, which explains the longer duration. [...]
Interns usually acquire their main knowledge and skills at a training centre or a university, and only learn supplementary skills through an internship. Internships for job re-entrants at mid-career level provide practical experience to re-enter the labour market; prior experience in the trade is required.
Source: ILO (SED) 2012, Global

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Term: Internship
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