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Experiential learning

Parent term: Learning

2 definitions

Participatory training can also be described as ‘learning by doing’ or ‘experiential learning’. As is evident from these terms, action and ‘experiencing’ by participants form the starting point of their learning. The ‘theory’ provided by the trainer in the form of lectures and presentations is kept to the minimum and done at the end rather than at the beginning of a session. The students or participants first participate in an action or a practical exercise. They, then, share their feelings or observations on what they did. Finally, they analyze and draw learning points and conclusions from the exercise for use later in real life.
Source: ILO 2006, Global
Learning through experience, either in a real situation such as a workplace or in role play. (Definition also used by Queensland government)
Source: Wahba 2013, Global

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Term: Experiential learning
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