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Assessment of learning outcomes

Parent terms: Assessment, Learning outcomes

3 definitions

Evaluation of individuals’ achievement of learning objectives, using a variety of assessment methods (written, oral and practical tests/examinations, projects and portfolios) during or at the end of an educational programme. (Also used for ISCED 2011)
Source: UNESCO 1984, Global
Assessment of the learners achievement provides information about what has been learned at a particular point in time. This process often involves the use of standardized tests or examinations and is often used during courses and at the end, for the purpose of progression and/or graduation. ‘Formative’ assessment takes place during a course and ‘summative’ assessment at the end.
Source: UNESCO IIEP/IBE;PEIC 2015, Global
The process of appraising knowledge, know-how, skills and/or competences of an individual against predefined criteria (learning expectations, measurement of learning outcomes). Assessment is typically followed by validation and certification.
Source: CEDEFOP 2008, Europe

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Term: Assessment of learning outcomes
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