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Comparability of qualifications

Parent term: Qualification

3 definitions

The extent to which it is possible to establish equivalence between the level and content of formal qualifications (certificates or diplomas) at sectoral, regional, national or international levels.
Source: CEDEFOP 2008, Europe
Determined for the purpose of pegging qualifications to a qualifications framework based on a wide range of criteria including purpose, specifications and characteristics of the qualification, high level learning outcomes in relation to level descriptors, credits, and quality assurance arrangements
Source: SADC 2011, Southern Africa
(Comparability) The comparison of one qualification with another based on high-level criteria that enable the degree of similarity of the qualification to be established by a non-subject matter expert (Comment: Comparability is a more generic form of evaluation, i.e. at a level that does not require subject matter experts, typically performed by a national information centre)
Source: UNESCO 2015, Global

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Term: Comparability of qualifications
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