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Assurance that programmes, materials and institutions, whether under public or private jurisdiction, meet standards as established by legislation.
Source: UNESCO 1984, Global
The official recognition and approval of training courses, programmes and institutions.
Source: ILO 2006, Global
The formal recognition of a course by an Accrediting Body.(Definition also used by the TAC(Australia))
Source: Wahba 2013, Global
The formal recognition of a vocational education and training (VET) course by the state or territory course accrediting body, in accordance with the AQTF Standards for State and Territory Registering and Course Accrediting Bodies.
Source: NCVER 2013, Australia
The process by which a course or training programme is officially recognized and approved.
Source: UNEVOC/NCVER 2009, Global
Accreditation is a process by which an officially approved body, on the basis of assessment of learning outcomes and/or competences according to different purposes and methods, awards qualifications (certificates, diplomas or titles), or grants equivalences, credit units or exemptions, or issues documents such as portfolios of competences. In some cases, the term accreditation applies to the evaluation of the quality of an institution or a programme as a whole.
Source: EU Commission(OpenCred study) 2016, Europe

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Term: Accreditation
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