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Continuing vocational education and training (CVET)

Parent terms: Continuing education, Vocational education and training

2 definitions

Education or training after initial education or entry into working life aimed at helping individuals to improve or update their knowledge and/or skills, acquire new skills for a career move or retraining, or continue their personal and professional development.
Source: NCVER 2013, Australia
(Continuing vocational training) A training process or activity which has as its primary objective the acquisition of new competences or the development and improvement of existing ones, and which is financed at least partly by the enterprises for their employees, who either have a working contract or who benefit directly from their work for the enterprise, such as unpaid family workers and casual workers. The training processes or activities must be planned in advance and must be organised or supported with the special goal of learning
Source: EU commission (NRDC) 2011, Europe

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Term: Continuing vocational education and training
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