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Informal learning

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Forms of learning that are intentional or deliberate but are not institutionalized. They are less organized and structured than either formal or non-formal education. Informal learning may include learning activities that occur in the family, in the work place, in the local community, and in daily life, on a self-directed, family-directed or socially-directed basis.
Source: UNESCO UIS 2011, Global
Learning resulting from daily activities related to work, family or leisure. It is not organised or structured (in terms of objectives, time or learning support). Informal learning in most cases is unintentional from the learner's perspective. It typically does not lead to certification.
Source: CEDEFOP 2008, Europe
Learning that results from daily activities related to paid or unpaid work, family or community life, or leisure.
Source: SAQA 2013, South Africa

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Term: Informal learning
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