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National qualifications framework (NQF)

Parent terms: Qualifications framework, National qualification

3 definitions

The comprehensive system, approved by the Minister: HET, for the classification, co-ordination, registration, and publication of articulated and quality-assured national qualifications and part qualifications. The South African NQF is a single integrated system comprising three co-ordinated qualifications subframeworks for: General and Further Education and Training; Higher Education; and Trades and Occupations.
Source: SAQA 2013, South Africa
Set of agreed principles, procedures and standardised terminology intended to ensure effective comparability of qualifications and credits within a particular country
Source: SADC 2011, Southern Africa
An instrument for the development, classification and recognition of skills, knowledge and competencies along a continuum of agreed levels. It is a way of structuring existing and new qualifications, which are defined by learning outcomes, i.e. clear statements of what the learner must know or be able to do whether learned in a classroom, on-the-job, or less formally. The Qualifications Framework indicates the comparability of different qualifications and how one can progress from one level to another, within and across occupations or industrial sectors (and even across vocational and academic fields if the NQF is designed to include both vocational and academic qualifications in a single framework).
Source: ILO (SED) 2007, Global

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Term: National qualifications framework
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