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The ability to perform tasks and solve problems.
Source: CEDEFOP 2008, Europe
An ability to perform a particular mental or physical activity that may be developed through vocational training or practice.
Source: NCVER 2013, Australia
The acquired and practiced ability to carry out a task or job.
Source: TESDA 2010, Philippines
A bundle of knowledge, attributes and capacities that can be learnt and that enable individuals to successfully and consistently perform an activity or task and can be built upon and extended through learning.
Source: OECD 2011
The relevant knowledge and experience needed to perform a specific task or job and /or the product of education, training and experience which, together with relevant know-how, are the characteristics of technical knowledge.
Source: UNESCO 1984, Global
Refers to the ability to apply knowledge, use know-how to complete tasks and solve problems and carry out the tasks that comprise a particular job.
As an overarching/multidimensional concept/term, “skill” can be also used as a proxy measure on occupation, qualification, educational attainment (these measures have the benefit of being readily available in a range of quantitative datasets).
Other abilities, used at daily work, such as teamwork and problem-solving, are also considered as skills (however it is not always easy to be measured due to their subjective nature)
Source: EU commission (Skills panorama) 2015, Europe
The ability to do in context which is described using learning outcomes (Comment: Influenced by work-based laerning: linking of education and training systems with the labour market and employability. Main types of skills include foundation, transferable, technical and vocational).
Source: UNESCO 2015, Global

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