9 May 2018
INFP, Haiti joins the ranks of UNEVOC Network
The Institute of Technical and Vocational Education (INFP), a premier agency tasked with TVET in Haiti recently joined the UNEVOC Network. The UNEVOC Centre inaugurated by the Director General of INFP, Dr. Maguy Durce, also saw the attendance of senior representatives of international stakeholders supporting TVET reforms in Haiti. (more)
3 May 2018
Looking at the Future of Education for Sustainable Development, together
Representatives of the key partners of the Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), including UNESCO-UNEVOC, met at the 3rd Key Partners Meeting (25-27 April 2018), in San Jose, Costa Rica. As the current framework of the GAP on ESD elapses in 2019, this meeting launched a global consultation to chart a course of action beyond 2019. (more)
29 March 2018
High Level TVET Delegation from Mongolia visits UNESCO-UNEVOC
A high-level delegation from Mongolia, led by H.E. Sanja Mungunchimeg, Vice Minister of Labour and Social Protection, Government of Mongolia, visited the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre on the 23rd March 2018. Discussions between the Mongolian delegation and UNESCO-UNEVOC focused on issues of mutual partnership and strengthening the TVET Sector in Mongolia. (more)
26 March 2018
UNESCO-UNEVOC at the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2018
The UNESCO Mobile Learning Week kicks off on today at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Focusing on the theme of ‘Skills for a connected world’, the event will take a multifaceted approach to mainstreaming digital skills. As part of this event, UNESCO-UNEVOC will be conducting a workshop to explore the nexus of skills, technology and pedagogy. (more)
15 March 2018
Network Consolidation Workshop - UNEVOC Network in Europe
As part of UNESCO-UNEVOC's efforts to strengthen the engagement of European UNEVOC Centres in Europe, a European UNEVOC Network Consolidation Workshop was held at the UN Campus in Bonn. This workshop aimed at strengthening cooperation and policy learning in TVET within Europe, and facilitating their future cross-regional collaborations with UNEVOC Centres in Africa and Asia. (more)
8 March 2018
Empowering Women through TVET – Insights from Gender Experts
As part of UNESCO-UNEVOC’s activities for the International Women’s Day to promote gender equality in TVET aimed at empowering women with employable skills and lifelong learning, we requested key gender experts to share their insights on the key challenges associated with gender equality and the prospects that TVET holds to counter them. (more)
7 March 2018
Promoting Gender Equality in TVET: UNEVOC Network Initiatives
As part of UNESCO-UNEVOC’s actions to promote gender equality in TVET aimed at empowering women with employable skills and lifelong learning, we present examples of some initiatives taken by members of the UNEVOC Network in promoting gender equality in TVET. (more)
5 March 2018
International Women's Day 2018: Empowerment through TVET
UNESCO-UNEVOC will join the world on 8 March to celebrate International Women’s Day. Every year the day puts the spotlight on issues related to gender equality and empowerment. This year UNESCO-UNEVOC reaffirms its advocacy to empower women through TVET, highlighting the role and importance of change-agents pushing for greater inclusion of women in TVET. (more)
23 February 2018
Workshop on Intangible Cultural Heritage & TVET
UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage Section, UNESCO-UNEVOC and the German National Commission for UNESCO, organized a workshop in Bonn on the 23rd February 2018. This workshop aimed at knowledge exchange between the Intangible Cultural Heritage Section and UNESCO-UNEVOC, while exploring possibilities of integrating UNEVOC Network in associated activities. (more)
24 January 2018
Call for Applications: UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme 2018
As part of UNESCO-UNEVOC efforts to strengthen TVET worldwide, the 3rd UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme will be organized in Bonn. From 25 June to 6 July 2018, mid- to senior-level TVET experts will participate in an intensive training and capacity building programme for transformational leadership in TVET. Deadline for applications is 20th February 2018. (more)

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