16 October 2018
WorldSkills Conference 2018: Building networks for innovative skills solutions
The WorldSkills Conference, organized by WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Netherlands, brings together leaders in education, government, and industry from across the globe to share best practices, discuss global trends in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), and highlight issues facing skills development. (more)
10 October 2018
Education Leaders at World Congress Tackle Future Skills Challenges
From 8-10 October 2018, the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) held its bi-annual World Congress in Melbourne, Australia. The World Congress is the hallmark of the WFCP and gathers educators, policy makers, and leaders in education to share the latest trends and best practices, and network with their peers in the professional and technical education and training sector. (more)
5 October 2018
Virtual conference on safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in TVET
UNESCO-UNEVOC is holding a virtual conference on safeguarding the role of intangible cultural heritage through TVET. The virtual conference will be held on the TVeT Forum from 29 October to 7 November. (more)
4 October 2018
World Teachers' Day 2018: The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher
Since 1994, World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated annually on October 5th. This observance draws attention to the contributions of teachers in educating their communities and developing a more inclusive and sustainable society. (more)
27 September 2018
Winner of the UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills in Action Photo Competition 2018
As part of its activities commemorating World Youth Skills Day 2018, UNESCO-UNEVOC organized this year's Skills in Action Photo Competition. More than 200 submissions were received from all over the world, focused on how TVET is empowering young people in their communities, according to the three main thematic priority areas under the UNESCO TVET Strategy. (more)
26 September 2018
UNEVOC Celebrates its 25th Anniversary
25 years ago the UNEVOC Implementation Unit was officially inaugurated in Berlin. The establishment of the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre in Bonn followed in 2002. Mr. Shyamal Majumdar, Head of UNESCO-UNEVOC: “The team takes collective pleasure seeing UNESCO-UNEVOC standing proud now, grounded on the hard work and dedication of people who were instrumental to its foundation and eventual growth.” (more)
12 September 2018
UNEVOC Latin American Network Strengthens Ties
During its annual REDITEC meeting in Brazil, the National Council of the Federal Network of Vocational, Scientific, and Technological Education Institutions (Conif), jointly with UNESCO-UNEVOC, organized a UNEVOC Network cluster meeting for Latin America. (more)
5 September 2018
International Literacy Day 2018 – ‘Literacy and Skills Development’
UNESCO-UNEVOC joins the celebrations for International Literacy Day and continues to highlight global changes and improvements in literacy development. The theme for this year is ‘Literacy and Skills Development’. (more)
4 September 2018
Skills Development and the Water-Energy Nexus in Africa
Water and energy are closely linked, and most African countries face major challenges in improving both their water supply and energy production systems. For African countries to develop their energy and water sectors sustainably, and to capitalize on their potential, skills development at a national level is an essential component. (more)
31 August 2018
Shaping Transformative TVET Leaders in Latin America
The UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme for Latin America took place in August 2018 in Panama City. Jointly organized by UNESCO-UNEVOC and the UNESCO San José Office, and hosted by INADEH of Panama, the regional UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme aims to help those in change agent positions become transformative leaders. (more)

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