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Using ICTs and Blended Learning in Transforming TVET

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Language:  English
Author/s:  Colin Latchem (Ed.)
Abstract:  The Education for All initiative concluded in 2015, but in many countries, and particularly in the developing countries, secondary education is still the preserve of the privileged few. This means that millions of adults and young people are denied the opportunity to complete their basic education, which in turns sees them trapped in a pattern of low-skilled, low-income work. How can they gain the knowledge and skills necessary to improve both their lives and their employment opportunities?

This book draws on the expertise and experience of 15 experts who examine the potential of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) to bring education to those who might otherwise be unable to access it. It discusses ways in which information and communication technology–based (ICT-based) methodologies can contribute to the transformation and expansion of TVET programmes and courses. Drawing on nine case studies, it provides insight into — and lessons learned from — different applications of ICTs in TVET around the globe, examines issues of cost and approaches to planning for successful and sustainable applications of ICTs and offers recommendations for the international organisations, governments, policy makers, managers and staff responsible for TVET. This book should prove to be a valuable asset for both practising and potential TVET providers.

Using ICTs and Blended Learning in Transforming TVET is co-published by COL and UNESCO as part of COL’s Perspectives Series on Open and Distance Learning.
Publisher/s:  UNESCO and Commonwealth of Learning
Published:  2017
Pub. Type:  Book
Pub. Format:  PDF
Licence:  CC-BY
ISBN:  978-92-3-100212-0
Categories:  UNESCO Publication
Methods and Techniques
Training Technologies
Keywords:  ict; oer
Tags:  ict justpub

page date 2012-10-04

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