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Acteurs et partenariats dans le secteur de la formation professionnelle
2019, Français, 124 pages

Artificial intelligence in education: challenges and opportunities for sustainable development
2019, 48 pages

Global education monitoring report 2019: gender report: Building bridges for gender equality
2019, 69 pages

I'd blush if I could
2019, 146 pages

Labour Market Information Systems in Lebanon

Reviewing Work-Based Learning Programmes for Young People in Lebanon

Reviewing Work-Based Learning Programmes for Young People in Palestine

The CapED Programme: annual report 2018
2019, 47 pages

TVET Country Profile Israel
2019, 8 pages

TVET Country Profile Jordan
2019, 20 pages

TVET Country Profile Lebanon
2019, 20 pages

UNEVOC Network Collaborative research: Community engagement in TVET
Publisher: Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles, Canada
2019, 60 pages

Arab Region Outcome Statement: towards inclusive and equitable quality learning opportunities for all
2018, 51 pages

Biennial Report 2016/2017
2018, 66 pages

Global Education Meeting 2018: synthesis report
2018, 56 pages

Guidebook on education for sustainable development for educators: effective teaching and learning in teacher education institutions in Africa
2018, 150 pages

Issues and trends in education for sustainable development
2018, 271 pages

Mid-term review of the UNESCO Operational Strategy on Youth (2014-2021)
2018, 190 pages

Pathways to empowerment
2018, 168 pages

Profile booklet: key partners of the Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development (April 2018)
2018, 112 pages

The CapED Programme: annual report 2017
2018, 48 pages

Work Based Learning in Jordan
2018, 48 pages

CONFINTEA VI Mid-term Review 2017: The status of adult learning and education in the Arab States

Country Plan: Jordan
2017, 4 pages

UNESCO Regional ESD Flagship Training Programme For Arab Youth, 1-3 August 2017: the report
2017, 48 pages

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