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Acteurs et partenariats dans le secteur de la formation professionnelle
2019, Français, 124 pages

Artificial intelligence in education: challenges and opportunities for sustainable development
2019, 48 pages

Global education monitoring report 2019: gender report: Building bridges for gender equality
2019, 69 pages

I'd blush if I could
2019, 146 pages

Reviewing Work-Based Learning Programmes for Young People in Lebanon

Reviewing Work-Based Learning Programmes for Young People in Palestine

Reviewing Work-Based Learning Programmes for Young People in the Arab Region
2019, 146 pages

The CapED Programme: annual report 2018
2019, 47 pages

TVET Country Profile - Morocco
2019, 16 pages

TVET Country Profile Israel
2019, 8 pages

TVET Country Profile Jordan
2019, 20 pages

TVET Country Profile Lebanon
2019, 20 pages

UNEVOC Network Collaborative research: Community engagement in TVET
Publisher: Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles, Canada
2019, 60 pages

Arab Region Outcome Statement: towards inclusive and equitable quality learning opportunities for all
2018, 51 pages

Biennial Report 2016/2017
2018, 66 pages

Global Education Meeting 2018: synthesis report
2018, 56 pages

Guidebook on education for sustainable development for educators: effective teaching and learning in teacher education institutions in Africa
2018, 150 pages

Issues and trends in Education for Sustainable Development
2018, 271 pages

Mid-term review of the UNESCO Operational Strategy on Youth (2014-2021)
2018, 190 pages

Pathways to empowerment
2018, 168 pages

Profile booklet: key partners of the Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development (April 2018)
2018, 112 pages

Review on Labor Market Information System (LMIS) in Lebanon
2018, 44 pages

The CapED Programme: annual report 2017
2018, 48 pages

Work Based Learning in Jordan
2018, 48 pages

CONFINTEA VI Mid-term Review 2017: The status of adult learning and education in the Arab States

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