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School-to-Work Transition Information Bases

Asia-Pacific Education System Review Series No. 6.

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Just published: School-to-Work Transition Information Bases
Language:  English
Abstract:  This booklet analyses the information system supporting school-to-work transition in selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The rationale for the study is underpinned by the importance of accurate and reliable information as the starting point of successful TVET policy. The booklet explores key policy issues and challenges currently confronting governments, and likewise provides a set of recommendations for policy makers to address these issues, drawing from examples of countries in the region. This publication fills a long-standing need for a clear and comprehensive analysis of a pressing policy issue that has not been sufficiently explored previously. It is hoped then that it will serve as a key resource for policy makers, practitioners and stakeholders and contribute to informed decision making and progress in TVET policy, research and practice. This booklet was prepared within the framework of a regional thematic study conducted by UNESCO Bangkok in collaboration with the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training.
Publisher/s:  UNESCO Bangkok
Published:  2012
Pub. Type:  Book
Pub. Format:  Print; PDF
ISBN:  978-92-9223-403-4
Categories:  UNESCO Publication
Methods and Techniques
Systems and Policies
Countries:  Bangladesh
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Viet Nam
Series:  UNEVOC Other
Keywords:  policy; research
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