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TVET 转型——从理论上升到实践 - UNESCO-UNEVOC 十年

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Just published: Transforming TVET - from idea to action. One decade of UNESCO-UNEVOC
Language:  中文
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Abstract:  On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its establishment in Bonn in 2002, the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre published a brochure retracing its activities over the last decade, in order to reflect on past achievements, present ongoing projects and look towards the future. The brochure provides information on UNEVOC’s aims, actions and themes.

Through this publication, UNESCO-UNEVOC would above all like to pay a tribute to the many partners that have accompanied UNESCO-UNEVOC on its path, and to acknowledge their contribution to the development and the activities of the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, which originally started as a UNESCO-funded TVET project in Berlin in the 1990s before taking up its activities at the United Nations premises in Bonn in 2002.

This publication is also closely linked to the photo competition organized by UNESCO-UNEVOC earlier this year, depicting the diversity of work and learning. The aim of the photo competition was to highlight the diversity of occupations and ways of training for work in different parts of the world. The winning photos can be viewed in our web gallery.

The brochure was officially launched during the three-day International Forum on the role of the UNEVOC Network in transforming TVET for a sustainable future, held in Bonn, Germany from 14 to 16 November 2012, in the presence of the Mayor of Bonn Angelica-Maria Kappel, the Head of the TVET Section of UNESCO Borhene Chakroun, the German Ambassador and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO Dr. Michael Worbs, and the Head of the International Department of the German Federal Office for Vocational Training (BIBB) Ms Birgit Thomann.
Publisher/s:  UNESCO-UNEVOC
Published:  2012 in Bonn, Germany
Pub. Type:  Book
Pub. Format:  Print; PDF
ULC:  UNEVOC Library Catalogue ID 4153
Categories:  UNESCO Publication
_General Information about UNEVOC
Sustainable Development
Training Technologies
Vocational Guidance
Series:  UNEVOC Information about UNESCO-UNEVOC
Keywords:  TVET
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