Open Educational Resources in Vocational Education and Training
Virtual Conference 9 to 18 November 2017
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2017: An odyssey in the open education space. Developing and using OER in TVET.

WRAP-UP WEBINAR on 20 November 2017, Recording on YouTube:

Summary of discussions by the conference moderators, and how this fits with the study to be made available in December. Participants discussed possibilities for further action and the need to strengthen OER and build an OER in TVET Community.

  • When: 9 to 18 November 2017
  • Where: UNESCO-UNEVOC TVeT Forum
  • Moderators: Robert Schuwer, Ben Janssen
  • Language: English (contributions in French and Spanish are welcome)
  • To join: sign up here
Please read the background note for the conference.

About the Conference

The topic of ‘OER’ (Open Educational Resources) is fairly new for TVET. Recently, OER for TVET specifically has been included in the Action Plan of the World OER Congress. OER have the potential of making TVET more accessible and equitable.

OER for TVET is the subject of a current UNESCO-UNEVOC project involving an international literature review, a survey amongst members of the UNEVOC-TVET forum, and interviews with international experts. A first draft has been published in September. Results have been presented at the 2nd World OER Congress. A final report will be published in December 2017.

The purpose of the virtual conference is to share information, experience and knowledge of OER in TVET, which will be used as input for the final report as well as into wider UNESCO practices.

This note sets out the issues to be dealt with in the virtual conference and gives some background based on the current UNESCO-UNEVOC project.

Background documents


  • Wrap-up presentation and meeting with the moderators Robert Schuwer and Ben Janssen
    They will summarize the results of the discussions and present how this fits with their study to be published in December. Conference participants can ask questions and add their views.
    Monday, 20 November 17:00 CET (Your local time | Countdown timer)
Recordings of the following webinars are available on YouTube:

How can I join?

Participation in this virtual conference is free and you can sign up here

You will need to have a UNEVOC account to sign up. You can register for a UNEVOC account here.

The virtual conference will be in English. However, French and Spanish speaking participants can use the built-in translation feature to follow discussions and to contribute in their languages.

What will the virtual conference address?

The conference will address 5 major questions:

  1. Importance of Openness. There is a continuum of openness ranging from Open Access to full open, including the rights to modify resources. What kinds of openness are most important for which target groups?
  2. Teachers and Trainers have a crucial role in adopting OER in TVET. What are opinions on and experiences with the role of the teacher?
  3. Learning from good practices There are instances where OER have been introduced as part of larger programs. We wish to learn more about these examples.
  4. Experiences with collaboration and cooperation in creating and using OER with the labor market. How are they involved? What barriers exist?
  5. What do you expect from UNESCO-UNEVOC when introducing OER in TVET?

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