International Forum on the role of the UNEVOC Network in transforming TVET for a sustainable future

14-16 November 2012, Bonn, Germany

Following the recommendations of the Third International TVET Congress, and in commemoration of its 10 year anniversary, UNESCO-UNEVOC is organizing an International Forum from 14-16 November 2012 in Bonn, Germany. The aim of the Forum is to strengthen the role of the UNEVOC Network in transforming TVET for a sustainable future and particularly to discuss the role of effective teaching and learning for advancing the greening TVET agenda, using the potential of the UNEVOC Network to achieve these connections.

The Forum will provide an opportunity for UNEVOC Centres and the Global Network to share with each other recent developments, trends and prospects for green societies and the role of TVET teachers in the skilling process. It will also identify relevant approaches to empower TVET teachers to critically engage with the complexity of sustainability issues and mainstream these into their teaching processes so that learners can form their own opinions.

Bringing together over 100 TVET experts from some 60 UNEVOC Centres from all regions of the world, members of the Inter-Agency Working Group on Greening TVET and Skills Development, UNESCO Chairs, representatives from the German Ministry of Education and Research, the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development as well as international and regional partners, the Forum will facilitate the sharing of experiences, good practices and lessons learnt in integrating greening societies and economies into the TVET agenda.

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