Ongoing TVeT Forum discussion: Policy assessment and guidance for developing green human capital – Are countries on track?

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UNESCO-UNEVOC is hosting an online discussion around the recently developed framework called ‘Policy framework for decent jobs and skills in green economy’. The discussion will take place on the UNESCO-UNEVOC TVeT Forum from 1 December 2017 to 30 January 2018.

The discussion is going to be led by Ms Isabelle Richaud from the French Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition to moderate the flow of knowledge and information during this period.

The Platform for Advancing Green Human Capital invites all policy representatives and other relevant stakeholders to join the discussion. The aims of this discussion are:

  • To raise awareness on the potential of strategically-linked policies to the development of a green human capital;
  • To collect feedback on the usefulness of the developed framework in the context of (i) pushing or inspiring new policy considerations in the country; or (ii) enhancing present TVET and skills development policies;
  • To improve understanding of the evidences of practice, policies at play, lessons and challenges surrounding implementation of such a framework at the country-level;
  • To gather concrete suggestions on measures and potential contexts of use of the framework, based on the policy action areas, phases of implementation and trigger points identified in the draft framework.
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page date 2017-12-04

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