Greening TVET Virtual Conference 05 to 11 June 2017
Greening TVET in Latin America
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Virtual conference on Greening TVET in Latin America

  • When: 05 to 11 June 2017
  • Where: UNESCO-UNEVOC TVeT Forum
  • Moderator: Irene Alvarado
  • Language: Spanish (participation in French and English is welcome)

How can I join?

Sign up for the virtual conference by clicking on the 'Sign up' above. You will need to have a UNEVOC account to sign up.

You can register for a UNEVOC account here.

The virtual conference will be in Spanish. However, non-speaking participants can use the built-in translation feature and contribute to discussion in English or French.

What will the virtual conference address?

This virtual conference sheds light on how countries in Latin America are responding to climate-change policy developments, and the role TVET can play in this regard.

The virtual conference will:

  • give an introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the link between societal, economic and environmental factors to sustainable development;
  • look at how countries in Latin America and responding the global climate-change policy agreements;
  • discuss labour market changes in Latin America, and what the future skills requirements means for education and training institutions;
  • looks at the definition of greening TVET and shows why it is important. It will also discuss how TVET institutions can implement greening TVET.
Please download the background note here!

Background information

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